How to set your background like a PRO!


Zahrah Asghar, Reporter

 A lot of the time a background in a photo is overlooked but it is actually the most VITAL point in your photo. Say you’re scrolling on Instagram and you happen to come across one of your friends photos. In the photo it displays, your friend posing nicely and in the background you notice they’re in an alley posing in front of a garbage can. You would kind of question their sanity.

 But, not just you noticed that background but almost everybody in the comments also questions it. The background heavily distracted you and you have just turned your eye away from the main subject. Backgrounds often give an illusion. You can set up a background with flowers and many will think you are in the Bahamas, while you are just in your background. 

So in our new online reality, take a moment to think about these tips to maximize the space behind you, for photos and for Teams.

 * Using contrasting backgrounds adds drama and excitement to the image and focuses on the main subject. 

 Backgrounds of your photos often tell a story. viewers a glimpse into the context of your photo”, says CONTRASTLY.

 * Blurring your background often takes away distracting points from photos. 

 * Filling your frame with the main subject is the best way to divert any attention away from the background.