Activities to Do at Home: How to Embroider a Daisy

Kiara Quezada, Club Bouncer

What is embroidery and how can I learn how to do it?

Embroidery is decorating clothing by sewing patterns using thread. Learning something new isn’t always easy but embroidery is not as hard as it seems. You can learn to do it by watching videos, following picture or step by step tutorials on a website.

What materials do I need to get started?

I got my tools at Walmart and Amazon for less than $15! The needles I got were called “DMC Mouline Nickel Plated Steel” like I did. Personally, I like the “Horizon Group USA Rainbow Friendship Thread.” (only $4.36) This last thing isn’t really something you need unless you plan on going further with embroidery. It is a set of embroidery hoops. I got a set of 7 and they were the bamboo ones from Amazon, and they were $8.99. You could also get a single hoop for less than $5.

Where can I get the materials?

Amazon and Walmart!  Browse the links below to equip yourself properly.

Set of Embroidery Hoops
Single Hoop
Embroidery Thread






How to embroider a daisy

This was something I learned how to do before I even learned the names of stitches. It’s simple to follow especially with these pictures!

You start by getting any piece of fabric, I used and old piece from some cut out sweats.