I Dare you, yes you, to click on this article….

Valentine edition dare

Photo Credit: drrock00

Photo Credit: drrock00

Maria Ramirez

You have now been chosen. I think we can all agree that our lives the past year have been very boring. We use to be able to go out more like to the movies etc… Many of us haven’t done something spontaneous for a while now. Which is why I dare you to:


  1.  I dare you to make the first move. As we all know Valentine’s day is around the corner. Some have been having a crush for a while now. However, you both seem to not be making a move. Tell him/her how you feel. Thank me later.
  2. Unfortunately, not everyone is in a love environment during Valentine’s day. Some of us have been trying to find closure from a past love. I dare you to message that person you need closure from and tell them how you feel, and also ask them questions that don’t let you sleep at night. You need that closure.
  3. Self love is so important. For my single people out there, I dare you to get dressed up and post pictures on all your social media.
  4. My last dare is to spread love. If you are out and about at stores don’t hestitate to give out compliments and make people’s days. If you don’t find yourself going out at all I dare you to give your own family compliments. I dare you to make someone’s day.

I dare you to do at least one dare.  I dare you to do it for you.

Photo Credit: Traveling Fig