How 2020 Changed Our Sleep Patterns

And what should we do to get ready for in person learning again.

Zahrah Asghar, Professional Hand Model

Most students find them self-having many ongoing restless nights due to insomnia. In a recent study by, “AJMC”, it says, “According to a survey on sleep habits both before and after lockdown measures caused by the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), 67% of Americans said they believe their sleep was healthier before the pandemic.” 

Students often must finish tasks in the daytime which increases stress and have them take naps throughout the daytime/evening. This results in them being less tired when it comes to nighttime and often go to bed later. Insomnia builds up from stress with long term side effects. With nothing to-do during quarantine students find them self on the screen more and outside less.  

Studies show that Americans often spend 13+ hours each day on screens alone. This creates sleep disruption which is a big factor and reduces productivity our everyday life’s. Of course, you may ask, well how can I get my sleeping schedule to back what it was?! 

 There are many ways to where you can get yourself back to that productive lively person you once were. Such as therapies, self-care and medications. One easy way to do it is try staying awake in the daytime which helps you pressure yourself to sleep at night!