Face Masks, The New Fashion Trend

“Fashion is what you buy, Style is what you do with it.” – Unknown


Daisy Villalobos, Professional Procrastinator

For many Mustangs, we use fashion to make a statement: the way we dress and style ourselves represents a part of who we are. Being at home didn’t stop us from exploring many new trends this year, from baggy boyfriend jeans, to oversized tees, to bucket hats and shoulder bags.

But one of the biggest fashion pieces of the year was face masks. And yes, as much as we hate wearing them we might as well make them fashionable. 

We can all agree that we started out wearing those plain surgical masks at first. But as the months passed by, a lot of us came to the realization that face masks are now a lifestyle, so might as well wear cooler and colorful ones. 


The trendiest masks ranged from bling masks to the colorful plain ones that literally go with anything, floral, sports team, political, goofy masks, and many more styles.

Celia, a fantastic senior, demonstrates proper, responsible mask blinging

A lot of people have even been able to incorporate using masks with their outfits to match and make them look stylish. Who would have thought that wearing a face mask would become the latest trend that has everyone spending money on them. 


Now let’s talk about those people who spend hundreds of dollars on Loui Vuitton, Gucci, and even diamond face masks. In my opinion, I find it incredibly stupid to want to spend over 1k for a face mask. I guess some people took mask fashion to a whole another level. Wearing a designer mask looks cool, but to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on one is so unnecessary. 

This Jacob & Co Diamond mask will set you back $250,000. PHOTO CREDIT Harpers Bazaar

 Face masks have become the new trendy item. Everywhere you go you’ll come across someone wearing a cool face mask. 2020 was the year of fashion and face masks made it onto that list. If you’re still wearing that plain surgical mask no need to worry because there are so many affordable masks you can buy. Links have been added down below of some trendy affordable masks.


 Where to shop face masks