Diana Morales, 12th grade

“The best way to stop spreading COVID is to stay at home!”


Daisy Villalobos, Professional Procrastinator

I asked senior Diana Morales Vera how she felt about coming back on campus in March.  She said she is very excited about coming back to school because she feels she learns better on campus with the direct contact between a teacher and students.

She also wants to come back to experience the fun senior activities such as prom, graduation, etc. In addition to that, she also really misses her teachers and friends at North.

Since the pandemic began, she has mostly missed playing volleyball at the park which is now closed due to COVID, and now spends most of her time at home.

Luckily for Diana, she said although she knew many who got the virus, thankfully her family nor her contracted COVID-19.

During quarantine, Diana spent a lot of her free time doing puzzles and it became her new hobby as she realized how much she enjoyed it.