Mia Granado, 11th Grade

“I just hope this year things start to get better.”  

Cheryl Garcia

“I just hope this year things start to get better!

Cheryl Garcia, Fashion Adviser

Mia feels if we do return to school, she will feel excited but also concerned because on one hand she will get to leave to be out of the house and see some of her friendsbut on the other hand it will be hard to do that safely

What she misses the most about school is her very small group of friends, hanging out with them, and the north cheer team.

Mia thinks it is practically impossible for everyone to follow the distance rule but a lot easier to just wear a mask everywhere they go in public so we will get through this much faster.

Mia says “None of my parents got COVID-19, some friends and family members did, and I just got worried for them, but it didn’t really affect me personally. Recent my dad did get the vaccine because he works in the medical field and I just got worried for him because I did not know how his body would take it. But he seems fine. He does have to get a second one though, but I do not know when.”

At first when the whole pandemic started my mom’s job did shut down for a few weeks but then she started up again, but they have been losing people due to the virus and it has been hard for her, she also had to get a second job because her job was not giving her many hours due to the pandemic. Luckily, my dad still has his job at PCH, but it is scary due to many COVID patients he interacts with every day.

Being stuck at home for almost a year had been sad and devastating. I am not as active as before and if we are being honest, I just always feel sad. During this pandemic I did get my first job to help my parents out and I had that job for about 7 months but then I had to quit due to problems that were going on at my job. Currently still trying to find a new job now.

did not really pick up any interest or hobbies. I just like watching movies or shows all day or listening to music. “I just hope this year things start to get better.