Jazmin Garcia, 9th Grade

“I’m going crazy!”

Jasmin Garcia

“I’m Going Crazy!”

Adriana Bautista, Longterm Napper

During quarantine Jazmin told us she misses going out with family and friends. She said she was going crazy being in her house for so long, she’s been dying of boredom. Ever since the pandemic started, she has been cautious and keeping her distance around others.

Jazmin and her family haven’t been affected like others, her mom and family still have their jobs and work. As far as Jazmin knows she doesn’t know anyone with the virus.

Having to be in quarantine, Jazmin started to paint as something to do during quarantine. Apart from painting, she also likes spending time with her sister and niece.

After last year having to start virtual classes, Jazmin was very excited for her first year of high school. Being that it hasn’t been safe to go back, Jazmin hopes that sooner or later we could go back on campus.