Mustang Roundup: Voices from the Quarantine

“In the rush to get back to normal, use this time to decide which parts of normal are worth rushing back to” – Dave Hollis

Can you believe it’s almost been a year since we stopped in-person learning?  During that time two waves of Covid-19 hit Arizona, and we’ve all had to adapt to a new reality of distance and isolation.

But now teachers are getting vaccinated and school might open after break. We can begin to imagine the end of this…and sometimes that last part, knowing it’s over soon, makes everything feel like it drags on FOREVER.

So for our first Mustang Roundup, we reached out to our fellow North classmates to find out what quarantine has been like for them. A chance to be free of the drama of school life? Or bored isolation?  Some mustangs have been directly affected, seeing family members get sick and even struggling with the virus themselves.

CLICK ON THE STUDENTS to hear their stories:



Senior Diana Morales “The best way to stop spreading COVID is to stay at home!”



Jasmin Garcia
Freshman Jasmin Garcia “I’m Going Crazy!”
"I just hope this year things start to get better!"
Junior Mia Granado “I just hope this year things start to get better!
Senior Celia Lechuga Suarez “If the school takes the necessary precautions…”
Uriel Salas
Senior Uriel Salas “It’s important we are in person…to enjoy the last bit high school has to offer.”










Junior Jesus Ramos Jr. “Masks? a good idea…if people actually participated.”
Senior Erica De Jesus “I was afraid I would get everyone in my family sick”