Silver Linings in the Covid Cloud

Why Covid Wasn’t All Bad


“Colorful People” painted by Urvashi Patel

Maryanna Gonzalez Ramirez, Author

Wow. 2021 is coming to an end. Another year gone and covid is still around. This new year will be the second year since covid began and when quarantine happened. Man 2020 sucked, and 2021 was barely any better. We couldn’t come to campus for another year of the high school experience. But not everything was bad. I know you’re probably thinking I’m crazy, but let’s look at the silver lining.

I know that, personally, being stuck inside all that time did something to the way I functioned. It messed up my sleep schedule, it messed up the way I was thinking, it messed up how I knew how to cope. But through time, I realized that I must do something about it, instead of just sitting and crying all day in my pajamas. One day, I got up and decided to clean my entire room while listening to the lectures my teachers were giving. I washed my laundry, I ate breakfast and lunch, I sat down and took notes, I listened to music, I wrote in my journal, I hugged my family, I smiled. It was time to get back to a healthy mindset. For many people, doing this was difficult. For some, this is still something they are working on. In the end, they’ve come out with a better understanding of how they feel and will soon find ways to cope with them.

Being in touch with your emotions gives you a glow. You shine in your self-awareness and in the space you’ve created for yourself. We’ve all had our bedrooms, our houses, or our best friend’s houses to create our new selves. I would always go into my closet and try to match what I saw on my Pinterest or Instagram feed with what I had on hand. Sometimes I would even sneak into my mom’s room and try on her clothes. I remember always trying to dress just to go to the grocery store. I grew comfortable in who I was and what I liked. It was fun trying to figure out how to use makeup. People I once knew and haven’t seen since covid began looked completely different. Even I noticed a change in myself. I finally learned how to use eyeliner and I found my go to outfit. It was fun seeing my friends and seeing how different our outfits were. I believe that everyone grew and glow a little more. No one cares about what other people think about how they dress, and that is fantastic.

Everyone was spending way more time than usual with family. It was a drastic change for many to see their family for more time of the day. As strange as it sounds, not many people knew certain things about the people they live with or share blood with. There were good and bad things found. And those siblings or that aunt that pushes buttons were around more. I, personally, was spending more time with my older brother. We were very good ‘friends’ before quarantine hit but being stuck together with no one else to hang out with, we grew closer. It was fun having someone to cook with and do facemasks with. But then there was also the aspect of irritation and not being able to go away to school or work. I know I got on my mom’s nerves a lot and she worried for me, being home by myself or the way school was affecting me. There were arguments and misinterpretations but through it, our relationship grew, and we grew to understand each other better. It’s crazy to see how much I’ve learned; I know when she’s reaching to throw something away. Whether it was with friends or with family, we all learned something and have had the chance to change our expectations of each other.

In the end, we let ourselves branch out. We learned how to be okay with ourselves, we learned how to dress, we learned how to be, we learned our limits and those of the people we care about. We became in touch with the world and ourselves. We care a little more or a little less about the things that do and don’t matter. We are human and I believe we’ve accepted it.