Why You Should Heal Your Inner Child

Why You Should Heal Your Inner Child: 

By Tatiyanna Eghan 



In today’s modern society, there has been a significant rise in Spirituality. As known to be the art of experiencing the human spirit and soul. The exploration of who you are, being led towards higher power. Your higher power. Your highest of existence.  

  Practicing Spirituality isn’t easy. It is connecting with its roots. The connecting of your own, and your journeys through your awake and slept mind. And through this exploration comes the being in touch with one’s Inner Child. The practicing of shadow work. Reflection, Projection & Repression. The wondrous art of acknowledging your existence. Your flaws, your traumas. Awake from your slumber and become higher.  

  So, what is shadow work you may wonder? Whether in Spirituality or Modern Psychology, shadow work is the practice & acknowledgment of one’s unconscious mind. The reconnecting of your Inner Child. Bringing what is in the dark to light, and letting it shine on.  

  Your Inner Child can be described as an individual’s ‘child-like’ aspects. The representations of what one is learned early on before they could’ve even known. And the healing of your Inner Child, is the soothing of the impaired child ——— the hurt child. Which is why I go to say, why you should heal your Inner Child! 

  My beloved interviewee, Mashayla W., comes to us today, with insight into these topics. Shayla is a young teen, who often partakes in speaking about public issues and self love. Being a proud and active participant in the religion Hinduism, and Spirituality, Shayla shares with us today the importance of healing your inner child.  

Shayla says, “Healing your inner child is uncovering and releasing certain causes for your childlike aspects of your personality. It’s important to heal your inner child because it lets go of childhood trauma one’s experienced. Most people do not realize you were programmed by your imperfect parents, society, or world. And now you feel forced to be perfect and stand on a high peddle stools.” Have you ever reacted in a certain way that you were not proud of and wondered why? In a spiritual sense, the way we individuals were brought up has significant effects on how we react and speak to others today. Maybe because your parent/s didn’t express love to you as a child, you grew up to have low self-esteem, poor relationships with others, or even difficulty feeling and recognizing emotions. And because of this, you may struggle to connect deeply within yourself spiritually.  

Xe continues to say, “You will be able to set boundaries, trust your intuition, be able to express your emotions without shame. You should be able to create your own rules and feel free within your skin. It’s good to re-parent that wounded aspect of your psyche.” It’s a form of love, allowing yourself to heal your wounded aspects and to want better for yourself.  

Allow yourself to heal from your traumas and heal yourself today. You are always worthy of love and happiness! It’s okay to want better for yourself and healing your inner child can help you with that.