North High’s Infamous Librarian!

Brought To You By: Tatiyanna Eghan
North High’s Infamous Librarian!

Pic Credits -Tatiyanna Eghan



If you go to North and have no friends like myself, the library is for you! And inside this library holds the millions of lovely books this world has to offer. But the secret isn’t in the books ——— it’s in the librarian. 

David Smithers, AKA, Mr. Smitty, represents the cool librarian that every student loves and admires. Loved by many and hated by none, he protects the library with his all. Always befriending students and showing school spirit, he represents a great administrative figure, always answering students questions with joy, and living his librarian occupation up to the fullest! After securing his position as the longer term substitute librarian, he was then promoted to North’s All Time Certified Librarian! And entering this school year in his third year, he is stoked for the library this year! 

Smithers is known as the librarian, sure! But he has quite a bit of an impressive history beforehand too. He loves North so much that he were a teacher here before as well! For 27 years, Smithers were a teacher for accounting, making his best efforts within his Business certifications. And throughout these long 27 years, he’s loved every second of it. 

To him, Accounting was a wonderful subject to teach. Not only were he loved by his students, but also his peers! Making great connections with the friends he has today as well! Like Ms. Priscilla, his librarian peer. 

Mr. Smithers had many other loves and accomplishments in his teaching career. Being a guest for the graduation chair, he loved seeing all the exciting moments and efforts of North’s Swim and Dive team. He reminisces about his teaching days within accounting, and says, “the moment when an Accounting concept finally clicked for that student … the smile and excitement on her or his face!” One of the perks of being a teacher was always being reminded of why they wanted to teach at all. Realizing their love for teaching and their select subject, through young individuals is always going to be a treat. And for that treat specifically, Smithers loved it entirely. 

When asked if he had any plans to ever leave the job, Smithers refused passionately! “I truly enjoy the job and the people I work with,” he says. He doesn’t hope to ever leave this work, but he says that with whatever happens, he’ll always love everything it’s ever bought him. 

Smitty Out!