An Interview with North’s Musician Instructor

A personal interview with a returning teacher

Maximino Hilerio IV

A professional music teacher known by the name Matt Bock is a fascinating individual here at North high school; we asked him how it feels to be a teacher, why he came to North, and how he came to be the quick-witted stoic teacher he is today.

We hope these questions help people, including those who have or had Mr. Bock, a clear and better knowledge of this marvelous teacher.



Who is Mr. Bock?

Bock at the start of his path when going into teaching had been long going for as long as he could recall although not entirely sure what to educate. It wasn’t till high school where he found himself in a band and discovered his interest as a music teacher. Over the next 14 years once done with college, he taught students in New Jersey and Arizona. As a music teacher, his teaching style is all about having his students learn for themselves and guiding them throughout as well as all about having a trusted bond that allows him to work with students on a close level whether it be band classes or marching band. He went on going into corporate sales until going back to North during the pandemic viewing the chaos that began among schools especially. He originally worked at North from 2007 to 2012 with his return being just this past year.


Why North?

He believes this school like any other school deserves the same learning experience and opportunities as well as the participation of the students involved. This is the same reason he returned to North after years now knowing the severity and circumstances this school was undergoing in 2020 in addition to the prior band teacher parting.


Music education is a job that doesn’t have an end to it unless you establish one”

— Matt, Bock


I believe the students in this school deserve the same instruction and opportunity as everyone else, and that you either help make that happen or you don’t”

— Matt, Bock


What makes a good teacher and a good student?

Having undergone his own challenges with trying to manage his personal, work-life, and spiritual/mental.  As a music teacher, he knows there is always an improvement, but also crash and burn. A good teacher has a strong hunger for both learning and teaching along with not having all the answers. As for students, being trustworthy while sounding simple can be more important distinctly for teachers.

This teacher has made many impacts not only teaching those passionate about music or allowing more opportunities to students but personally inspiring his students even after they’re done with school. He has gotten a father day’s card from a former student even after 10 years of being his student. As long as his students are trusted, willing to learn, and take part in activities relating to music.

Our teachers at North matter and coming to understand them can help in not only working along with them but appreciating them more for what they do for the students at this school along with the other staff that works here at North. Mr. Bock does something other teachers aren’t willing to do with teaching and having music as a class that for many is an opportunity to express their musical prowess. Being able to show this and have an instructor that can guide or assist those people is not only useful but important to improving those students in life especially those who desire or are passionate about music continuing later on in life.


 Credit: Bock, Matt; Band classes/marching band teacher