Approaches to earning a raise in high school


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Through the loss of employees and jobs, looking for willing individuals has left the economy in a struggling state with the free market due to the pandemic last year. As the economy is recovering from this issue it gives convenience to people in need of a job.

As high schoolers acquire more jobs with the expansion of job opportunities, some are hoping to get the extra pay they’ve worked hard for. Although raises can seem difficult to obtain and others will claim it’s not necessary for young adults still in school, getting a wage increase really comes a long way.

Why is a raise so important?

Raises are a form of incentive to workers that is important for both keeping existing employees while rewarding them for their excellent work progress. It can also motivate others to work harder for those pay raises. These raises whether monetary or services are proven to make businesses stronger as well as create better workers. This form of motivation also shows the level of a worker compared to another as well as gain new employees by persuading them to work for the business.

Advice for getting a raise

1. Asking at the right time and knowing your own quality of work

2. Patience and scheduling a meeting

3. Silence and keeping professional when needed

4. Be specific on money amount and not excessive

5. Reinstating loyalty and looking for other incentives than money

Insight from a manager

“It’s stressful, overwhelming, and for many others continue to be laid off due to the job situation that hit the U.S last year and still continues to affect us as rapid changes occur, although for the better with essential workers working harder than ever.  Struggles of executives unable to pay enough for workers and dedicated time to work increasing as the job market changes make it even more difficult from staff shortages, fiscal cuts, and supply shortages for businesses. Underpaid workers have experienced this issue the most who sacrifice their lives only to be rewarded simply with thank you”.

-Scott Blackman (Manager/Tokyo Joes)

“The easiest way to get a raise during this time as the workforce tries to adapt not only for high schoolers is to understand your role and job requirements while acting on both to expectation. Learning company policies, reviews, and compensations will make you an overall greater employee. Standing out among your peers, doing what is expected, and going above and beyond. Using discretion to appeal to managers or supervisors so performance reviews will look better for getting a raise is a key element in raising your chances to get a raise”.

-Scott Blackman (Manager/Tokyo Joes)



The 3 Secrets of Getting a Raise

Manager; Tokyo Joes; Scott Blackman

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