Celebrate National Black Cat Day by adopting one!


Winter Warnicke

Many shelters across America don’t adopt out black cats from the beginning of October to the second week of November.

This is because of the abuse they may face for the old superstition featured in this story, and because they are adopted as a gimmick for Halloween, and come November, they are abandoned.

Black cats are adopted at a lesser rate for a multitude of reasons: superstition, sheer quantity (they are the most common cat color), for blending in with the back of the cage, and because photos don’t capture the features of their face very well.

64% of black cats who enter shelters each year are euthanized, but we can change this through programs like TNR (trap-neuter-return) and celebrating black cats through National Black Cat Day (October 27th) which promotes the adoption of black cats.

So this Halloween, just remember the cats like the hero of this story, Neville, who deserve all the love and admiration of their colored counterparts.