A fun day turns to horror after a freak accident on a ride…or was it?


Melina Rincon, Creative Contributor

That feeling of opening your arms out and you’re then hoisted into the air. You’re screaming your lungs out and you’re finally reminded you’re actually alive. Living in a shadow of boredom and you have the reassurance, I’m alive? Oh my god, I’m actually alive!

And then, suddenly, I’m slipping! Oh my god my hands are all sweaty and I’m slipping! How can I grip onto the handles of this stupid ride? My body constantly is sliding up and down with this stupid ride and I couldn’t help but think, “This is the end?” “Oh my god is this how I die?” “I won’t be able to say goodbye to my mom!”

Not a positive thought crossed the train-track of my train of thought. I thought this was when my eyes would close forever. We kept flipping over and over again, and every time I caught even a glimpse of us hurtling towards the night sky, my eyes clamped shut, and my hands would not leave the handles. I gripped so hard that I couldn’t feel the sweat of my palms anymore. The metal wasn’t a shallow cold touch, it was now hot and warm. My knuckles grew white and my palms coated with red.

My legs became numb and I couldn’t feel my feet. Please, oh my god, please someone get me off! My head couldn’t handle this and then finally it slowed down and we got off. My mind was still rambling on that I couldn’t hear the piercing screams and panic engulfing me. 

I looked at the once long line of eager people to get on and noticed it had suddenly depleted. Two people were yelling on their phone and others were looking at me full of terror. I raised an eyebrow of confusion and said, “What?” People were yelling to call the ambulance, police, someone! And I realized they weren’t looking at me, they were looking behind me. 

So I turned my head, ever so luckily, and my eyes trembled over. The smell, my heart began to jump all over again, oh god that disgusting smell. I didn’t notice the vomit filled of pink and pieces of food. I covered my mouth quickly, god that horrid smell. My eyes followed the putrid food smothering parts of the concrete floor. It led to someone laying flat on the ground and I chuckled. One arm facing completely on the floor. Blood was trickling a pathway to their body. I couldn’t believe this sicko would trick all these people. 

“Oh come on, that’s not funny dude.” I said while approaching him and the people gasped, it became ever so quiet. Everything around me became fuzzy, why wasn’t he moving? “Hey are you okay?” I tapped his shoulder and his body was….his stomach was torn and his shirt was no longer the color of white it was before. It was now a burgundy red, gaping holes of his now horrid body were visible. My heart and everything above and below it sunk, I felt as if my body had no control of motion. My eyes had felt as though they deceived me, I didn’t know what to do other than breathe fast and stare. Stare at this once alive body in front of me, his blood was violently pouring from the jagged rips of his skin. 

And everyone had this action as well, they had all witnessed this man plummet to his death, and suddenly forgot how to breathe, how to move, how to think. I removed my jacket and placed it over his poor limbs. And I couldn’t help but shed a tear, and to feel angry because of the mere care from the vehicle operator who just hated his job. “Is the ambulance coming or  what?” I screamed in agony, please someone give this warped man the care! A woman nodded in response as she held her phone to her ear and her free hand covered her mouth. 

They walked right past him. I saw him. I saw him so ready to elevate into the sky with a wide grin. The operator was now holding onto his own dear life, he clutched onto the line poles that separated the people from the rides. As he leaned over them, trying to catch a glimpse of his own murder, I uttered a sentece that now promised his internal demise. Eyes wide as he glanced at his appalling mistake. Tears began to overwhelm my eyes once more and I finally choked out, “It should’ve been you.” 

“Important news that just occurred here at the Arizona State Fair. Two men have been reported dead and one was said to not be an accident. Nick Wilde was a 17 year old who was just trying to have a fun time riding this roller coaster called, The Endeavor. He unfortunately was not able to make it as he fell 70 feet from this ride. Joshua Bennet, a 24 year old ride operator was found strangled to death and his head was severely wounded. The police are on their way to arrest the woman who murdered Mr. Bennet….” 

The news reporter’s voice was blared out by the police car sirens. The lights blinded me and it only infuriated me more, would they have arrested poor Mr. Bennet? Arrest him for what he did to Nick Wilde? Of course not, they couldn’t even make it in time for when he threw the first punch at me. But hey, laziness and lack of compassion is infinite. Isn’t it?