The Dilemma

What would you do if you learned your own brother might be a murderer?


Savanna Enriquez Robles, Story Contributor

A guy with long light brown hair, dark brown eyes and as skinny as can be.

His name was Steve and he had a brother, Jack, with thick black glasses frames, short red hair and dark brown eyes.

At 18, Steve was more of the guy who went to parties and always gambled, while 19-year-old Jack was the
responsible type who looked after his brother.

They lived in a small rundown house, the ceiling caving in, mold on the walls, two bedrooms, a small bathroom
with a cracked bathtub and a toilet that barely ran with the sink water brown, and a kitchen so small that it could only fit one person inside and one light bulb that always went out in the kitchen.

Jack was asleep and woke up looking at the clock realizing it was nearly 2am but remembered he woke up because he heard the door swing open and heard footsteps.

As the footsteps begin to get louder, someone stumbles in with the fresh smell of alcohol, tracking mud into the house and the loud thunder makes it so that Jack is lost in his thoughts. Jack yells “where the hell have you been?” Steve starts to lose his balance and falls to the floor making his body so heavy that Jack struggles to pick him up.

He then got a whiff of the smell of fresh blood and realized that Steve has blood on his hands as Jack is trembling. Jack has a feeling in his gut something is wrong but suddenly Steve looks up with tears in his eyes mumbling “the neighbors”. As Jack places Steve on the couch putting a blanket over him he rushes to the neighbors house to find nothing but a pool of blood on the porch.

Jack couldn’t believe it as he got closer he heard the steps creaking as he took one step at a time…