North’s Favorite Security Guard: Blake

Maya Murillo, Reporter

Everyone loves a good fight, right? 

Well, if you’ve attended North since at least the beginning of this school year, you saw no shortage of them…

Blake’s power pose

North’s security team put in the work to keep students safe and sound throughout these trying times. I sat down with Blake to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to work in security and how it feels to get between fighting students when the whole school is watching. 

Blake’s journey to security was one more of fate than planning. He got the opportunity to work at North because his girlfriend was Ms. Jackson’s assistant. It was his first time entering the world of security, although not his first time working in a school, as he was a P.E. teacher at Simis Elementary in years prior. 

Blake has been at north for three and a half years now, and it’s opened his eyes to many of the jobs that can be done in the Phoenix Union High School District.

The thirty-five-year-old security guard likes his job because he enjoys conversing with the students of North both on campus and especially when coaching North’s Dive team! He also really appreciates his team and his boss, Jamie Johnston. The only downside to the job, he says, is that he has to get to school by 6 AM. 

When asked what the scariest encounter that Blake has had in security, he described a fight that happened earlier this school year. Approximately twenty kids were fighting in front of the cafeteria in what he described as a “giant brawl.” 

When there’s a fight and security goes into action, Blake’s adrenaline starts pumping. You may have seen him breaking up a fight at the East gate in August. A girl hit him here, and students had no issue getting creative with it…


I also asked Blake what the most heinous thing he’s ever been called while working was, to which he responded “long white neck.” Funnily enough, I was actually there when this situation happened, so let me set the scene:

It was lunchtime and I guess someone thought it’d be funny to throw a fruit cup at Blake. He looked around…

“Who was that?” Blake said. 

A boy was standing nearby with his friends. He looked like an underclassman and wasn’t even the one who threw it but I guess just wanted some trouble. I don’t remember every detail but the boy mumbled something to Blake and proceeded to call him a “long white neck” before being taken to the security office. 

A stall door lies on the restroom floor

This isn’t the only instance of students being disruptive, of course. Earlier this year the “devious lick challenge” had kids stealing soap, soap dispensers, exit signs, and overall trashing the bathrooms. The school started locking bathrooms and the soap thieves were caught. 

Nowadays that trend is mostly dead, but there’s one mischievous action that will likely never go away. The use of marijuana is extremely prevalent within the walls of North’s restrooms. Every day is different, but on some days the security team catches multiple groups of kids consuming the drug. Some even go as far as to hotboxing the restrooms and leaving a stench that is likely familiar to all of us.