MUSTANG ROUNDUP: What North Students Are Listening To Today!

This month we asked Mustangs what they’ve been listening to lately. Here’s eight beautiful reasons why.

MUSTANG ROUNDUP:  What North Students Are Listening To Today!

Tatiyanna Eghan, Writer

Music is someone’s message, a feeling, a story. It creates a passage way of feelings, whether happy sad or nostalgic. And to some, music may be all someone has. Within today’s generation, there’s been a splurge in new categories for music, new listeners of the old and listeners of the new. But why may music be such a topic to speak about now, you may ask?

North High School, in Phoenix AZ represents a school of diversity. We students and administration believe in self expression, always encouraging students to be who they are and be proud. If you were to look within the halls, almost every student has some sort of music device alongside them. Some may think these are just songs that students are listening to, however, they all hold significant meaning with who they are and stand for as a person. Whether they listen to Spanish music, showing pride for their people and their country. Or listening to artists like 702, Tupac, Cozz and A Tribe Called Quest, showcasing their beloved Black artists that represent who and where they come from. Music is an art, it is an expression, and with this task, it showed the beautiful minds of the young individuals here at North High School.

I interviewed some students to gather up some songs they’ve been listening to lately. During this interview I had such a wonderful time hearing all the beautiful reasons for these students music they were playing.

Take a look!

Luna M. CarmonaGrade 12: Gotta Gettaway by Stiff Little Fingers.

Luna says, “I’m listening to it bc it reminds me of the summer and it makes me want to go hang out w my best friend and have as much fun as possible!”

Adam P. Grade 12: Sugar for the Pill by Slowdive. 

“This song has been on repeat since last year, it’s really dreamy and makes me fall asleep,” he says.

Kamilly S.Grade 12: Bags by Clairo.

Kamilly says, “I’ve been listening to bags by Clairo, because it makes me happy and I love listening to it.”

Mia V.Grade 12: Yale by Ken Car$on. 

Golf captain and Yearbook President Mia Vesely, mentions how she has been listening to this upbeat song, “Because I’m smart and I applied to Yale, so listening to the song reminds me that I could possibly get in!”

Maya M.Grade 12: Soon We’ll Be Found by Sia. 

Close friend of my own, and wonderful student Maya, plays one of her favorite artists Sia. She elaborates on her deep connection and feelings towards this song, stating, “It makes me feel a range of emotions, I feel like I could be happy or sad and I just wanna have it loud as possible!”

Angie C.Grade 12: Goo Goo Muck by The Cramps.

Lovely friend of many, Angie C, tells about her favorite song right now, “Goo Goo Muck”. She says, “It reminds me of Halloween and it makes me feel spooky. It makes me happy and feeling excited for this season, I love dressing up around this time.”

Josue B.Grade 12: Mi Historia Entre Tus Dedos by Gianluca.

Trigonometry partner of mine elaborates on his love for this song, explaining that he feels some sort of past remembrance and connection to a life he’s not sure he’s had. “It makes me feel nostalgic abt a life I never lived, possibly even my past.” He tells his beliefs also in reincarnation, and that this song brings him closer to his beliefs within this, saying, “I love the philosophical concept of reincarnation and I love the nostalgic feelings any song holds. This one especially.”

You may have never guessed what these students were listening to and why, and I would have not either if I never asked! But because of this, I learned so much about the people I thought I knew. When their eyes lit up, their body posture excitedly changed, I understood that this simply question made them happy. It made them happy to share something as small as this with someone.

Music can represent anything. And with this task, it’s been understood the vast effects of it!

From the way students talk and the way students dress. From the views they hold and the friends they have, are all influenced by the music they listen to. Make a friend by asking someone you don’t know about what song they’re listening to. Who knows, maybe you guys will have much in common you’d never think to have! You would have never guessed.

Tatiyanna Eghan. Grade 12, North High School.