Alicia Perry Profile

Alicia Perry teaches Biology and Psychology, why not take a look at her as a teacher and a person?


Gustabo Escamilla

Alicia Perry is the psychology teacher at North and has been a teacher for 6 years. She started studying psychology because she found it interesting and didn’t see many others teaching it, she is also currently working on her Ph.D. for the same subject. You might be asking why she worked at North of all places and that’s for a multitude of reasons such as her liking the culture and population at North. Naturally, she also wanted to work at the same school as her husband and wanted to become friends with his colleagues as well.

A natural day in her life is long and mainly consists of getting to school at 7 am, having her regular breakfast of a go-gurt and a cup of coffee, and then having her classes. After her morning classes, she has lunch with some colleagues as well as her husband, and then after school, she either runs the environmental club and/or cheer. Now you may ask what she finds are good qualities in a teacher and she thinks a good teacher should have patience and empathy. Her greatest accomplishments as a person are taking cheer to competition, working on her Ph.D., and just watching her students pass in general. 

Hardships she faces currently are not seeing other people some days, watching others suffer from COVID-19, and just having long hours in general. Now she may sound like a good teacher but she also has hobbies out of school such as traveling, scuba diving, and going on adventures. She enjoys diving at Lake Pleasant as well as going paddle boarding. Ms. Perry considers herself optimistic, patient, goofy, and fun out of class.