Kamilly Serrano , Spiritual Advisor

Horoscopes: Russell Grant shares weekly horoscope for star signs - what does yours say? | Express.co.uk

Aries – Can you repair the hole you punched in the wall? 


Taurus- Go find your Leo, clean your room, and treat yourself. 


Gemini –  You’re so two-faced…at least make one of them pretty. 


Cancer – Cry about it if you haven’t started already. 


Leo – You’re gonna have a great day, sexy! 


Virgo –  Its not that serious. Calm down please. Hope you had a good birthday! 


Libra –  Happy Halloween to all my libra girls, guys watch your back and happy birthday. 


Scorpio – Go return those devious licks. NOW!!!!


Sagittarius – Check cancer for your horoscope. 


Capricorn – I don’t care enough about you to know.  Sorry, maybe next time. 


Aquarius – You should be a water sign, but other than that, you’ll have a terrible week…or not. Astrology isn’t real.


Pisces women  – You need to stop crying. You’re almost as bad as cancers.

Pisces men- If astrology isn’t real, why do you act like that?