Check out the “All of the Above” Club

Why you should join the All Above club


Johanna Ortiz, Reporter

Have you ever wanted to join a space where you feel safe, accepted and welcome? This is exactly the feeling the All of the Above club can give you.

All of the Above is an LGBTQ+ club where you can come in and talk to other members of this community, whether you are out and proud, closeted and hesitant, or simply just an ally.  It works to make North a more LGBTQ-friendly campus, hosting among other things an annual drag show and a pride parade.

The adult sponsors of this club are English teacher Erin Henderson, math teacher Charles Jannetto, and ELL teacher Ryan Nebeker.

Henderson, who hosts it in her room LA95, commented, “This is my 18th year teaching and I have only been ‘out’ at school for the past 6 years. When I was in school, being gay was something that wasn’t talked about. I love that in 2021, people of all ages are more comfortable being who they truly are! This includes sexuality, gender, or any other part of what makes someone themselves. I love that North is a welcoming, inclusive space, not only for students, but also for staff. It feels good to be who I am! That’s why we have the club!”

All of the Above is proud to be a safe space, a club where you can talk about who you are without being judged. This club is a great opportunity to make friends among the LGBTQ+ community. One club member who wished to stay anonymous described the club as “inclusive, colorful, and diverse.” This club is filled with different people: people with big personalities, people who are shy and reserved, people who are spontaneous, people who are unique, and people who are friendly.

It’s a club where we talk about important issues that affect the student or staff here at North. It’s a club where you can share your stories, laugh and giggle, but most importantly have fun. The All of the above club gives you the experience you been longing for, the family you needed, the voices of acceptance, and the feeling of security.

Whether you are are a part of the LGBTQ+ community or just an Ally, join the club.

All of the Above meets every Thursday around 3pm-4pm, in room LA95. You don’t need to sign any permission slip or form of commitment, just simply stop by and visit the club.  Join now and be a part of the coolest club in school!!!