North High’s Spectacular Club Fair of 2021

A fun and thrilling event of clubs for all new and returning


Hello Mustang. We had our club fair here at North high which was something to remember. People dancing, exploring new opportunities, and discovering what we have at North. The clubs we saw were unique and as much a piece of this school as they were clubs available to all.

Before continuing, HERE is a link to the clubs at North (although some may be out of date and will be updated soon)


This event one of many here at North was quite the time with music and many clubs to explore from the dazzling shoe club to the fascinating science club. Those that went out of interest were not disappointed with an enjoyable time of getting their shoes clean to treats being offered at the fair.


The Academic Decathlon


Science Club
Creative Writing Club


North Native American Youth Council



Environmental Club 
Link crew
Link Crew










Why join a club?

Many of these clubs may seem for some like more time wasted but could be what you need to either start or finish your high school life. Creative writing club’s focus on giving people with a passion to write the opportunity to express themselves to others. Those looking for that extra step in their education or who want to get better study skills can be sure to check out Academic Decathlon. There are many more that not only handle what their club is about but have fun while doing so.


Joining a club is more than just doing activities or doing more work, it’s finding those future memories that will come from these clubs from big events that come in these clubs like robotic clubs after school events that are new memories without even realizing it.


We do trips and experiences”

— Aidan Press & Seth Mcqills of Science club

Why is there a club fair?

We have these amazing events for those who don’t know what may be the highlight of their year and allows people to explore these clubs in person rather through fliers or announcements. Some may not know these clubs exist and this fair catches the eyes of those who just want to look or are actually interested in some of the clubs presented. Having the fair is just as much a chance to make these clubs shine as it is giving people the chance to join a club that they’ll remember even after high school.

Donate and we will clean your shoes”

— Mr. Butler of Shoe club

Is the club fair the only way to get into clubs?

With a variety of clubs and the fair just passed it would seem the opportunity has gone away to join a club. Not only is this untrue, but there are many other ways either by listening for clubs through school announcements, fliers on the walls of the school, or asking around to see if your desired club is available. The fair while a great way to see varied options is limited to only so many clubs. Asking those in charge of different clubs and looking out for information will allow you to find the broad span of clubs that are at your disposal.