Job Openings Near You


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Maryanna Gonzalez Ramirez, Author

Happy 16th birthday!  Time to get a job.

If like many of us you ache to begin the job hunt, then those early steps can feel confusing and frustrating, especially for first time applicants. Today the North Star News wants to help you find a job that fits your abilities and keeps you close to North.

If you are under 16, the AZ youth labor laws are a bit confusing. Click HERE for more information.  Some of the jobs will say only applicants 16 and older, so watch for that.  If you are 16, let’s make that money!

Getting into it.

1. Target

This target is located on 1625 E Camelback Rd. They are hiring for a cashier and someone to work general merchandise. This is a seasonal job that will pay anywhere between $14-$24 an hour. You can speak to the hiring manager about wages. From North, it is a 9-minute drive, 16-minute bike ride, and a 30-minute transit ride. This job would be perfect for anyone who is willing to walk around a target store and is great in customer service. Click HERE to apply.

2. Chick-Fil-A

Located on 1850 W Bethany Home Rd, Chick-Fil-A is looking for crew members to work in their kitchen. This is a part-time, evening shift job that will pay from $13-$15 an hour. Though it is said they will hire lower, this job is required that its applicants are 16 or older. You will sometimes be required to lift up to 40 pounds and stand on your feet for long periods of time. This job can give many great opportunities to its employees. From North High, it is a 14-minute drive, 33-minute bike ride, and 40 minutes through transit. Click HERE to apply.

At this same location, they are also looking for a food prep team member. They will pay $12.15-$14.15 an hour to help prepare food for the order or delivery in the kitchen. This is a evening part time shift. Its only requirements are for applicants to be 16 and older and be willing to stand for long periods of time. Click HERE to apply.

3. Dairy Queen

This dairy queen’s address is 4140 E Thomas Rd. Management is looking for a front counter crew member. The pay is $9+ an hour and may be negotiated. The requirements for this job is the willingness to stay on your feet for long periods of time and be prepared to lift up to 50 pounds. In order to apply, you need to go into the store and get a paper copy or apply through Indeed. Click HERE for Indeed.

4. Starbucks

At the Starbucks on 1614 E Camelback Rd, there is a hunt for a new barista. There is a search for someone who can work part time and on weekends, evenings, and possibly holidays. The pay can be negotiated but it is competitive, meaning it is minimum wage and then an extra percent. There is no experience required but you must be open to learn new things such as how to run the cash register and drink recipes. From North’s campus, it is a 9-minute drive, 16-minute bike ride, and 30-minutes using transit. Click HERE to apply.

5. AMC

AMC management is looking for a part-time cook at 2515 E Camelback Rd. The requirements include that their applicants must be 16 or older and the ability to work in a fast pace environment. Though it is not required, there is a preference with people who have experience in a kitchen. The pay will be negotiated. It will be an 11-minute drive, 23-minute bike ride, and 39-48 minutes using transit if you leave from North. Click HERE to apply.

6. Harkins- Christown

Located on the side of Christown shopping center on 1620 W Montebello Ave, Harkins management is looking for a part-time team leader. This job includes the coordinating and charge of a team. You will manage lunch times and handle different aspects of running a team. Requirements include applicants being 16 or older, 3 months of experience in any type of guest services, and flexible availability (weekends, evenings, holidays, summer, etc.). Pay is competitive and may be negotiated. From North, it’s a 14-minute drive, 28-minute bike ride, and 48 minutes through transit. Click HERE to apply. (This link will also take you to the application for  a part-time team member)

7. Bath and Body Works

Again at Christown mall, Bath and Body Works with the address of 1644 W Montebello Ave, there is a job opening for a seasonal sales associate. In this job, you will be required to communicate with your co-workers and with customers. This job really consists of helping customers and making sure the store is clean and stocked. Starting pay may be discussed, but Bath and Body works starting pay can range from $8-$22. From North, the car ride is 16 minutes, the bike ride is about 30 minutes, and taking transit will take anywhere between 45-50 minutes. Click HERE to apply.

How to apply.

The best way to apply is to go onto the company’s/business’ website and apply there. It is important to list everything you need and provide all the information possible. If the company or business you are looking to working for does not have a website, if the website is down, or you don’t have direct access to internet, you can always go into the store, ask to speak to a manager and get a paper copy of an application. Phoenix Libraries typically are open and give access to computers.

Remember to always be polite, stay professional, and try your hardest. You got this mustang! Good luck!