Freshmen House: What is it?


Link Crew Photo by: Abigail Dolin

Justice Urias, Reporter

With 27,000 students, 17 schools, in the Phoenix Union High School District, entering high school can feel overwhelming. Freshmen House is working to solve this.

Freshmen House is a program designed to help North’s 634 Freshmen adjust to the transfer between middle school and high school. Freshmen are placed into groups and given similar schedules so their teachers can better understand their Freshmen. Teachers of different subjects meet with each other to discuss students needs. This system also gives a better chance for Freshmen to make friends, as they interact with the same group of students in a majority of their classes.

At North, Freshmen are split into 5 groups. In each group, the students have the same teachers for their core classes. The teachers meet weekly and track student needs based on their individual student observations.

Ms. Hannah Goon, the Freshmen House Coordinator, shared her excitement:

Freshmen year is full of BIG changes! there are new things to learn to be successful in high school such as finding your way around campus, taking harder classes, new technology, platforms, being more responsible for getting good grades, getting up the courage to try out a club or sport, improving communication skills with adults and classmates, and the big question, figuring out what to do with the rest of your life after high school! Freshman House is here to help with all of that!

As stated above, Freshmen House was started at North to help Freshmen not only adjust to high school, but to also prepare them for their future endeavors. Statistically, Freshmen House has been shown to increase test scores, grades, and graduation rates.