How to Make an Origami Mustang


Jennifer Soriano, Author

Origami is the art of folding paper in order to create objects, and items. There are many figures you can make, some are more difficult than others.

Origami Mustang 

Materials: One square sheet of paper, and scissors

1. Fold the paper in half from one corner to the opposite corner, crease unfold and repeat on the consecutive corner


2. Turn the paper over and fold the paper in half, unfold then repeat on the other side
3. Using the creases made, bring the 3 corners down to the bottom corner (as shown)
4. Fold the bottom sides up along the middle crease, then fold the top down so the creases line up. Unfold



5. Cut the middle, up to the top crease made in step 4
6. Fold the two flaps upward
7. Fold the sections made in half vertically














Repeat steps 4-7 on the other side.

8. Rotate model and crease approximately halfway on the one side, and ¼ on the other side
9. Fold the creases made inwards as shown, ; (optional) fold the tips of the feet inwards, to create hooves



If you want to try something more difficult:

Video- ORIGAMI HORSE (Jo Nakashima)