How to Cure Senioritis

Sofia Alvarado

What is Senioritis?

The term “senioritis” is a common affliction describing the lack of motivation felt by students who are reaching the end of their courses. A disease affecting mostly high school seniors. 

 Symptoms may include: 

– laziness

– lack of motivation

– excessive absences in school 

– putting off assignments till the very last minute (more than usual)

– feeling of hopelessness 

– thoughts of giving up

– feelings of not caring if you graduate or not

– STRESS a lot of stress 

– more stress 

– constant tired feeling 

– irritable about everything

– panic feeling

Example: senior: *starts essay at 11pm when essay is due at 11:57pm *

Is Senioritis real? 

Although it’s often used as a joke, Southern New Hampshire University academic advisor Abby Tincher said senioritis is a real thing people experience. “I would describe it as seeing the finish line and realizing you don’t necessarily have to work as hard anymore to reach it,” Tincher said. The loss of momentum and motivation leaves students hoping they can float through to the end.

How to Cure Senioritis

No student is the same, senioritis can look different for each individual. The first step to overcoming senioritis is to identify the symptoms; once you know what you’re up against, you can address the problems.

 Set goals to get you motivated. The first step in overcoming senioritis is remembering no one can force you to get motivated; it has to be your decision. Knowing what your goals are can give you something to work towards. If you’re a visual person, put something near you to remind you of your goal. It could be as simple as a photo or some motivational words to remind you of what you’re working for or toward. 

Get involved. Getting involved can really help with reminding you why you’re working so hard. Get involved with school outside of the classroom. You can also pursue an internship, participate in community service or join a club.

Get yourself organized and on schedule. Stay organized with your school work, falling behind or procrastinating will only make your senioritis worse! Breaking up your work into smaller pieces will make it feel more manageable. Using a planner or time management app on your phone to help schedule will help you with keeping track of your assignments. 

Don’t forget to Take a Break & Reward yourself. If you feel like you’re crashing, taking a step back it’s a sign that you may be overdoing it. Your body needs breaks, overworking  your mind and body can worsen your state. If you need additional motivation, plan an incentive for when you reach set milestones. Create a reward system if you find you are motivated by certain outcomes. What I do is Plan for a night out for dinner and a movie. You can do anything on the condition you reach the goals you set for yourself. While breaks are important, don’t let them lead to slacking off. “It’s okay to step back, just set a limit so you get back to work and don’t fall off completely.” 

Most importantly Surround yourself with support. Being around others who lack motivation is no help, surround yourself with people who have goals. Reach out to someone that can help provide ideas and resources and someone you’re comfortable sharing your worries and concerns . It can be an academic advisor, guidance counselor, teacher or a parent. Keep positive people around you, who support you and your goals.

Remember what you’re working toward. Remind yourself why you started this journey in the first place and hang onto that. Look at all the work you’ve done and recognize what you’ve accomplished. Be proud of yourself and use that as motivation to carry yourself through graduation.