High School Dropout to Become #1 Prospect in Competitive Gaming Really Really Soon

High School Dropout to Become #1 Prospect in Competitive Gaming Really Really Soon

Gael Santiago Martinez, Elite Gold Level

I was playing Apex Legends the other day and thought to myself, I’m really good at this game. So naturally, I dropped out of school. I can’t let this natural talent go to waste on what? Algebra? Writing satire essays for English class? No. I needed to really apply myself here, which means dropping out and tapping into my true potential in competitive gaming.

And you know what, it’s going pretty great. I was in my room the other day 14 hours into a marathon sesch when I began to smell something off. As I was looking around for the cause of the stench my mother came in with quite the pale face, she must’ve eaten something bad. Politely, she asked me to move to the basement. This must’ve been her way of thanking me for spending time with her, or at least the time I wasn’t already spending on gaming, sleeping, eating, and occasionally giving time to shower and to brush my teeth.

But now that I’m in the basement I don’t have to worry about brushing my teeth or even showering. It’s pretty isolated from the rest of the house and no one even comes in here.

The best part about this isn’t the amount of money I’m going to be making once I make it to the big leagues. It’s the support I get from the online friends I’ve made. A good friend should be one who listens, makes you feel better and supports you. My online friends are great examples of this, anytime I have something to say, they interrupt me and anytime I’m down, they’re always there to remind me how much I suck at games. That kind of support just pushes me to yself even harder.