America’s Top Sub: Season Finale 

America’s Top Sub: Season Finale 

Torre Hernandez, Guest Journalist

Welcome back to America’s Top Sub! This season, we’ve seen hundreds of America’s highly acclaimed substitute teachers. The ones who love their phones more than their job, the ones who can’t wait to force students to do 20 pushups for the baddd word they overheard, and so many more! But only 1 can be crowned America’s Top Sub! 

To recap for anyone new watching, here are the final 3 subs: 

Our 1st Sub is, 


Age: 46 

Credibility: 5 years @ Excelencia Middle School , 3 years @ Natomas High School  

Special Qualities: 

          Ms. Wilcock is a very communicative substitute! She hands her students a worksheet & then invites them to listen to her life story for the remaining of the 2-hour class. She goes on and on about her childhood memories. Who wouldn’t love her?

Last week, in an amazing teaching technique, she shared  impromptu math lessons for students doing algebra homework in class. In a rambling complaint, she talked about her sister’s seasonal ski trips, which “c’mon, she definitely can’t afford, and then she comes home with a 300 dollar scarf made of Scottish wool!” Her life lessons are endless!  

          Her students ask questions all class period because they are “so interested” in her personal life. She loves the connection she gets to build with them! Don’t forget her two kids that she loves to death. She is a fountain of stories and talks everyone’s ears off, bragging about how her 23-year-old daughter attends Harvard and how she will graduate at the top of her class. She also really, really wants you to know about her 17-year-old son who is a “football prodigy” and will definitely be in the NFL after he graduates from his private high school and D1 college. 

She encourages her students to be more like her children, and who doesn’t want a pep talk like that?


Up next,  

Name:Connor Hickins   


Credibility:10 years @ Canyon Middle School , 2 years @ Clearview Elementary School 

Special Qualities: 

          Mr. Hickins is not only an extraordinary sub, but he also doubles as a motivational speaker. He is a seasoned man who understands the value of letting children work independently. Therefore, he puts directions to the assignment on the board, points at a stack of worksheets, tells the students to remain silent at al times, and says questions aren’t allowed because they have to think for themselves. He makes it clear that he won’t hold their hand through the assignment because he is not their parent and is not responsible for baby sitting them. 

His critics have said that Hickins is just lazy, but those haters don’t understand the philosophy that guides his instruction. He gives a speech every period he subs for, saying, “You make the choice to fail or succeed, it’s the best lesson I could teach you. It took me 50 years to learn this on my own but I choose to enlighten you and save you the time.” Recently, as a time saver, he recorded himself explaining this, so now when students get seated, he just hits play. Talk about efficiency! Talk about independent learning! He hasn’t actually spoken to a teenager for months now!

In a completely unrelated note, Mr. Hickins recently reached level 500 in Candy Crush.


And finally, 

Name: Shannon Dutt 

Age: 42 

Credibility: 7 years @ Roadrunner Elementary School , 4 years @ Bluestar Middle School  

Special Qualities: 


      Mrs. Dutt isn’t interested in handling problems on her own, because she knows the value of a Team. What separates her from the average sub is that at every new school she subs for, she immediately puts security on speed dial, and keeps her finger hovering over the call button all period. In fact, she holds the current world record for calling security 5 times in one period!  That’s what stable authority looks like.  

She uses the white board to post names when students talk, then puts sad faces next to repeat offenders. It’s her version of Santa’s naughty-or-nice list, and let’s just say she doesn’t hand out any presents. Even better, she writes a detailed letter each period describing “the truly terrible kids in period 4.”

 The kids notice that she loves to socialize with the neighboring teachers because she calls for their help 2 times because she “just can’t get them to quiet down”.  Her methods of teaching are surely productive.  


Now that we’ve summarized our final contestants, they will go through the final 2 challenges tonight to find out who will take it home in the end!   

To vote and get in on a chance to win a prize, text your vote to 1-800-013-1199.    

Now let’s get on with the show!!