To the Haters who Want to Crush my Dreams, my Parents:


Esveidy Rodriguez Melendez, Professional Influencer

I. I. I’mmm dropping out of school. YES, I AMM!

Why? To become a TIKTOK Influencer. STOP saying I’m an addict. I’m A TIKTOK STAR. MOM I swear if you take my phone away (I have more) or cut my service, I’LL MOVE OUT! IT’S MY LIFE UNDERSTAND THAT! I’M NOT AN ADDICT. You keep saying I’m a disappointment…but you just try to memorize all the moves to Cardi B’s “Up”!  See? Exactly, because you are trash and I’m an artist.

It’s MY LIFE. I’ll first drop out of school cuz it’s useless. Next, I’ll start practicing my butt shake, because “throwing it back” will be my way forward. I’m thinking dance routines from 11 am to 3pm. Yes, 11 AM. I need my beauty sleep.

Next, I’ll stop doing chores. Yes, I WILL, because chores are labor and labor is not for a star like me. I need to focus on my career. I haven’t updated my Toks since “Renegade.” I’ll make it up to you once I become a star, a TIKTOK influencer–I’ll get a maid for each of us. I’ll be famous. And Y’all haters will eat my dust…well, there won’t be any, cause we so clean!

I refuse to go to a school where some dusty old teacher—who probably has zero sweet moves—is ignorant enough to say watching TikTok all class is a waste of time. IT. IT IS NOT! SCHOOL IS A WASTE OF TIME! YOU ARE ALL JEALOUS!


Soon to be TIKTOK Star.

P.S: Mom can you order pizza, bring it to me once it’s here. Thanks, Mom. And can you bring me an ice pack for my leg?