Being Scared: Going Back to School

Arllyn Jurado, Scaredy Cat

On March 22 I faced fear with excitement. Excitement to go back to campus for the first time in over a year. I wasn’t sure how my body was going to react, or how my brain was going to process this whole experience. I made a list the day prior to make sure I did not forget a single thing (spoiler: I forgot) 

The List: 

Wake up

Wake up, like for real 

Brush Teeth AND Hair 

Put on deodorant (maybe a little perfume?) 

Shoes ! Don’t forget the shoes with SOCKS. SOCKS.

Breakfast at home ? Breakfast at school? Both! 


Go back inside because you still forgot your backpack

Computer, writing utensils – notebook? Charger 

Commuting – driving to school (Do you remember how to get there?) 

List seems pretty basic right? Well let me run you through how my morning actually went, so when you go back to school you aren’t a hot mess like I was. The first thing you want to do is set an alarm. Seems pretty straightforward right? WRONG ! You have been setting an alarm for 8:55am to start school at 9am but now you have to take into consideration that you need to commute to school. I set my alarm an hour prior to the start of school. It seemed reasonable, until I realized it takes me 23 minutes to commute to school, and about 45 minutes to get ready. At that point I was barely making the cut. 

Anyways, alarm was set and I woke up. I went straight to the bathroom as one does, washed my face per usual. I thought back to my list I remembered that I had to brush my teeth, BUT I did contemplate whether to save myself 2 minutes of brushing since I was going to being wearing a mask anyway. It’s a good idea that you still brush your teeth, as well as brushing your hair. I must warn that you may experience soreness in your arms. 

Next on the list of things I have rarely done since quarantine, wearing deodorant and perfume. It was cold and windy so I figured I wasn’t going to sweat much therefore decided not to wear any deodorant or perfume. Plus, social distancing made it so no one can really smell me anyway. I was on the final homestretch, I looked for my shoes and matching socks proceeded to put them on. I almost forgot how to tie my shoes but it was like riding a bike. 

I grabbed my backpack – which was extremely dusty – and placed my laptop and charger inside. I grabbed a random notebook and a handful or writing utensils. I also grabbed my wallet and keys so I was ready to leave. I sat in my car reviewing my list, and forget to even consider eating breakfast at home, and when I got to school I was so nervous I didn’t grab breakfast either. 

Commuting to school took longer this year around than last year (since I moved), but it was nice.

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The surveys and the tablet thermometers added a real sentimental touch of how technology really has advanced. I almost cried when I saw all the arrows going every which way. I took a deep breath entering campus, but before I knew it wasn’t deep breaths it was hyperventilation. I remembered that I was a Senior, and Senior or suppose to run the school and be the cream of the crop but the real star was COVID-19 and all her restrictions.  

Just don’t tell anyone about how I got lost in an up and down staircase circle for all of period 1.