Are Students going to back to school? Why or why not? (Snapchat Edition)


Zahrah Asghar, Top Notch Human

As April approaches students grow curious about going back to school. We interviewed the student body in a snapchat group chat and decided why or why not they went to school.

Kat (Student Body President) states, “I study best with my computer closed and school doesn’t allow that 😂😌.”

Lily (Student Body Co President) says, “Being at school isolates me from the world. I got an invitation letter to the pool on school street. I went for a couple days and nobody showed up 🥺.”

Annita (Lackey to The Student Body Presidents) states, “Don’t tell Lily this but…” Annita never got back to us due to being kicked from the group chat.

We decided to finish the poll the next day due to the argument between Lily and Annita.

Ymir (Another Student In A Body) states, “Reality scares me 🤓. I think I will permanently switch to online forever. Online job… Online school. People say I’m weird but my mom says that makes me unique. 💪😎”

Alvan (Has the Body of a Student) says, “Why do you care? 😒” We will be inserting a screenshot because lily demanded us to.