Open Letter to Young Women: Let’s be More Considerate, Yeah?


Kate Velazquez, New Kid

Dear young women of North High, 

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the incident on Tuesday, when a poor freshman boy encountered a girl wearing spaghetti straps and lost all control of his legs, tumbling a flight of stairs in the LA building. He was found by authorities curled up, muttering to himself “girl, heh heh, girl.”

Such reckless behavior is why the boys of North deserve an apology on behalf of all the young women on campus. We fail to realize how much power our wardrobe truly holds.  We have turned a blind eye on the suffering of young men, and I propose that we stop being so careless and cover-up for their safety. 

Recent studies have shown that young men are physically incapable of seeing skin without it changing the trajectory of their entire life.  One minute they are enjoying doing a calculus problem, and the next they are falling to the hard floor at the sight of a skirt, suffering brain damage and unable to truly enjoy their real passion, academics.

And what about the guys that line up against the wall, forced to stare at us like we are in a contest? Think of how much class time they are missing as they desperately try to give us the attention and compliments we selfishly demand…These used to be fine young gentlemen, but our public lingerie parade has them shouting pick-up lines to us. I am disgusted by how we victimize them like this.     

This is a very serious problem, and we must take matters into our own hands because this is our fault.  We hide behind excuses like, “it’s really hot out.” and “no, it’s REALLY hot out”, and then we flaunt our woman bits with an exposed shoulder and shorts above the knee.  Bare Knee! What is happening to our society!  It is truly upsetting, and I cannot fathom how horrifying and exhausting that must be for them.

Remember the Victorian era? Men practically foaming at the sight of an ankle… This is clearly a serious issue that has been happening for centuries and it is extremely insensitive to ignore. It is completely on us for not respecting them enough for recognizing that they are mindless animals incapable of self-control.

Imagine how it feels walking through campus and seeing some people showing an unnecessary amount of skin, going home, and waking up in cold sweats after seeing that exact bare shoulder in your dreams? It must be difficult to live with.  We can do better. 


the patriarchy