High School: I’ve Been Thinking…

High School: I've Been Thinking...

Daisy Villalobos, Professional Procrastinator

Dear High School,

I don’t know how to say this…and it’s been really hard for me to come to a decision about this. But after a long time of thinking and reflecting, I’m just gonna come out and say it.

I’m breaking up with you.

Now before you say anything…it’s not me, it’s you.

I’ve been trying to make this work but we’ve had a lot of problems over the last four years. First off, you’re so controlling, telling me what I can and can’t wear.   And remember how you made me binge-watch like eight seasons of Algebra, and all of it sucked?  And you forced me to participate in those weird extracurricular classes that I didn’t want, like Newspaper. Newspaper! You think I was into THAT? God, you’re the worst!

I’ve had sleepless nights because of you, stressing about not giving you enough attention or living up to your expectations.  I ditched my friends for you. Then you go telling my parents every quarter I’m “not living up to her potential” and “could make better use of class time.”  It’s been such an emotional toll being judged by you every day with homework assignments, quizzes, and tests. We have a name for these kinds of controlling behaviors, and it’s called being Toxic AF. 

I’ve tried to make this work, and I’ve put in all the effort I could, but you’ve just grown so distant this past year, and I barely even hear from you. I feel like just a name on a screen to you. THAT’S NOT LOVE!  And then, when you did try to get with me, it was like you were stalking me, showing up online every day, commenting on my chat feeds, spying on me in my bedroom.  

If I’m being honest, we have no future together.  It’s time to go our separate ways and see other people. And the truth is…I’m kinda seeing some else already.  His name is college and we’ve been chatting for a while, and really it was nothing serious at first, but one thing led to another and now I’m gonna go live with him in August. College is so mature…he’s got way better things to offer, and he understands me in ways you never did. Yesterday, he told me I could grow into any person I wanted to be with him. Like he actually said, baby, you don’t need to study French for four years if you don’t want to. I almost cried. When were you giving me any choice to follow my dreams, huh? Oh right, Newspaper. lol.  

Take care.  I’m sorry things didn’t work out between us, and I hope you find someone who understands you like college understands me. Let’s face it, I’m growing up and I’m header to bigger and better places, so it’s for the best…But ok, it wasn’t all bad.  We’ve made so many memories together, and I thank you for all the good times we shared.  Tupac himself once said, “You never stop loving someone…you just learn to live without them.”  So I guess then you’re just going to have to live without me. 

Because I’m Out, #classof21