Why We Should NOT Wear Masks!!

Why We Should NOT Wear Masks!!

Kiara Quezada, Very, Very Stable Genius

We Have Rights!

Many people think we should wear masks because supposedly they keep us ‘safe’. What pansies, huh? Live a little!

I mean everyone just listens to what the CDC says. Why should we listen to them? They walk around like some big and important people, as if they’re some scientific “authority”…well, my uncle told me that his friend’s girlfriend’s brother said half of them are actually aliens. He actually has a YouTube channel with all these cool theories about what’s REALLY going on with all those government secrets! Check it out here! 

We have rights! The first amendment states that we have the freedom of speech, and that means we have the right to get our speech droplets all over someone else if we want to! It makes it harder to shout with a mask on, so how am I supposed to win an argument if I can’t shout at people!!! I say we don’t have to wear masks if we don’t want to.

Masks Spread the Virus

When we wear masks, we are just breathing our viruses onto the mask and having them bounce back to our noses into our systems. With that knowledge, wouldn’t you say masks just make us more sick? Honestly, I’m convinced masks just don’t work. How is a piece of fabric supposed to cure us from the virus?

Last week my uncle told me that he saw some shady dude in glasses and a suit collect masks out of a trash can. He said they are trying to take our DNA to clone us so they could replace us with robot people that do what they say. Wearing masks is just the first step of them trying to control us and make us some weird robot soldiers, who knows what’s next? Are they going to say the Earth isn’t flat?