Activities to Do When You Are Bored at Home: How to Make a Clay Frog


What is Clay Art and How Can I Learn to Do it?

Making this little clay frog is way easier than you think. Clay art is simply art that is made out of clay, whether its air-dry clay or clay you need to bake. There are many things you can do with air-dry clay like make rings and little sculptures or figures. Today we will be learning how to make this little clay frog.

What Materials Do I Need to Get Started?

Making this clay frog requires very little money and materials. All you need is some scissors, paint, a paintbrush, and of course the obvious and main thing here, the clay. If you don’t already own scissors or paint then you could buy it all at Walmart, even a Dollar Tree! The Wescott Scissors are the ones I like using because they work well and are only about $3. I used the paint from Apple Barrel on my frogs and it worked wonders! You could get a small bottle of their paint for 50 cents or a pack of 12 for $5. The Royal and Langnickle brushes are what I used, but anything works as long as you can paint the frog. You also don’t have to get the Apple Barrel paint. Use whatever suits you best! I’m just recommending my favorites and what’s worked for me.

Where Can I Get the Materials?

Scissors Pack
Paint Pack
Paint Brushes







How to Do It: